Reasons for “The walking Dead” mid-season hiatus

It is common for television networks to implement a mid-season break for their popular TV shows. While it may be frustrating or annoying for viewers, there are some clear benefits for the network. One might think that the network risks losing viewers during a long hiatus but this is generally not the case. Loyal fans are happy to return after a break to see how the season unfolds.

In the case of “The Walking Dead”, AMC has left fans astonished with their mid-season finales. In season five, beloved character Beth was killed at the end of the mid-season finale. AMC uses these mid-season finale to build interest and suspense. However, this is not the primary reason for the hiatus.

As with any industry, television is a business. It boils down to money and ratings. Viewers are very busy during the holiday season and tend to skip even their most favorite TV shows. Football often rules the ratings during the holidays. Even a show as popular as “The Walking Dead” does not want to compete with the holiday madness. Temporary loss of viewers during this time would lower ratings and therefore lower advertising dollars for the network. Having spilt seasons gives the network an opportunity to retain their high ratings. This is why they take a break through December and January.

AMC tends to end the mid-season with a dramatic finale. They always give viewers a reason to return when the season resumes. For loyal fans who may become impatient, “The Walking Dead” writers go to great lengths to make it well worth the wait. AMC did slip and release a spoiler on social media outlets during the season 5 mid-season finale. This created a huge outpour of anger amongst some fans.The network swiftly apologized for the leak and most fans accepted it as an accident.

Rare Vintage Comic Books

Is it a bird, a plane, or is it Superman? Would you pay over $3,000,000 for an old comic book? Well, someone recently did when the book sold on the eBay online auction site just last year. Even today, your comic book has the power to take you from the depression days and into a supernatural world.

Superman was the first superhero to appear in the 1938 Action Comics No. 1 paperback book. When new, you could buy it for a dime. The auction offering was still in near perfect condition, however, Superman didn’t stop with comic books. He went on to pave a comic trail on radio, movies and television.

Hoarders and Collectors Change Value – Among the most valuable books were the superhero comics that were published between 1938 and 1979. When collectors saw what was happening in the comics market, they began to purchase multiple amounts of every issue. This catastrophe created a greater demand, and the market was flooded with an excess; consequently, the industry collapsed.

An Artistic Phoenix Rises From the Comic Dust

When the dust settled from the great hoarding of books, other collectors began to notice the cover art. Comic book values were resurrected in the 1980s. Another prolific market landed the comics in places like theMetropolitan Museum in New York City. All was well again in the world of paperback funnies.

How To Get Your Vintage Copy Certified – That old comic book that you have treasured from childhood could be worth a fortune. Submitting it to a third-party grading service will put your mind at ease. Your book will complete a detailed process:

  • examination
  • a thorough check for restoration
  • grade assignment
  • plastic shell encasement to seal value

Ultimately, you may pay for an electronic version to check on your book. A few minutes is all it takes to download your rarity, and you will begin to examine every avenue of its worth.

A More Detailed Look At Your Comic Book – Your valued book has a lot of information on each copy. Here are pieces of information to record:

  • exact title
  • issue number
  • publication date
  • published monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly

Now you’re ready to collect on your pot of gold, however, you may decide to pass it on to your offspring. Their appreciation may be worth more than cash. Happy treasures to you!

New Comic Book Releases in 2015

New Comic Books that are to Be Released In 2015

The popularity of comic books is one thing that hasn’t been able to shake the American population since the very beginning hundreds of years ago, and every year it continues to resurge through new generations and new lovers of the art form; simply by finding a comic or being passed down by a family member or good friend. Whether it’s based on movies, TV shows, songs, artists, books—you name it, there’s a good chance that there is a comic book form of it out there somewhere. Comic books can be made by a fan online in the comfort of their own room, or in a big time manufacturer, each one is still just as special and important than the last.

So for any avid comic book lover, you’re going to be curious as to which comic books will be coming out in the New Year, and which you will need to mark down on your calendar to get just in case you dare to forget. Two of the biggest names in the comic book and fandom world are both DC and Vertigo Comics. They have continuously been pumping out success after success in the means of both comics and movies, and sometimes even comic books turned movies. They are able to create long lasting fans through the power of their books and let their viewers watch something they’ve grown so close to transform into something more. Here’s a list of some of the comics that were released within the first two months of the New Year.

  • The Multiversity Guidebook #1
  • Justice League #38
  • Justice League #8
  • Justin League Dark #38
  • Aquaman #38
  • Constantine #21
  • Aquaman and the Others #9
  • Earth 2 #30

And so many more have already hit the shelves! Check out the source below which features tons of more titles for you to peruse and look through if you have the time!

There are also going to be quite a few comic books released by Marvel, another top contender in the comic book game, in the month of May, which gives you you about a month in a half to prepare for yourself for the awesomeness that’s about to come your way!

The full list of Marvel & Icon Comic Book releases can be found here for you to get excited about!